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What your business can learn from your personal finances

Thu 31 May 3:00pm - 3:30pm BST

The competitive nature of the foreign exchange market means you could be wasting your time chasing the carrot at the end of the stick. 

In fact, what makes the “lowest rate psychology” truly frustrating is how it catches out even the savviest of customers. In this webinar, we discuss the factors, aside from just the exchange rate, that affect transferring money abroad. We also discuss how the mindset we use in our personal finances can and should be used to help us in business. Don't miss out.


International recruitment is big business nowadays. It’s easier than ever to find someone a job on the other side of the world - but there are significant costs involved, especially when it comes to currency. Recruiter fees and payments have to cross borders and the foreign exchange market, and there’s potential for recruiters to lose out as a result. What’s required is forward planning and guidance for an expert. Join us as we discuss the topic and show you how to maximise your earnings and minimise your losses when it comes to being paid in different currencies. 


Check back here shortly to find out what the next webinar in our monthly webinar series will be! 

Here at Currency UK, we have a strategic focus on helping clients control the impact currency volatility has on their businesses and personal finances


As of 2018, to really help our customers tackle the problems of a volatile currency market, we have introduced free, 15 minute phone consultations. These 'Currency Clinics' are no-obligation calls with one of our experts to discuss your specific currency needs and answer any questions you may have.

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