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Tuition fees: There's a better way to pay

Wed 27 June 3:00pm - 3:30pm BST

There are approximately 450,000 international students studying in Higher Education in the UK. For now, at least, Brexit doesn't seem to have deterred any international students as the number has continued to rise over the past few years. 

A big factor in studying internationally is the tuition fees. Not only are they usually high for international students, there's also a foreign exchange element to consider. When you're paying tens of thousands of pounds per year in tuition fees, the last thing you need is to be stung by unfavourable exchange rates and market movements. 

Join us as we discuss the topic and show you how a little outside-the-box thinking can save you significant time and effort. 


Check back here shortly to find out what the next webinar in our monthly webinar series will be!


Check back here shortly to find out what the next webinar in our monthly webinar series will be! 

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