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Currency UK is proud to be the Global Payments Partner to AOP, delivering cutting-edge foreign exchange services and currency risk management.

Currency UK is proudly partnered with AOP

Currency UK is now partnered with AOP with the vision to extend efforts beyond providing cutting-edge foreign exchange solutions.


Currency UK is a leading Foreign Exchange (FX) brand, delivering FX and international payments with a focus on customer service, knowledge and relationship building. We have market leading technology solutions, allowing AOP members to easily facilitate international payments.

Foreign exchange, including international payments and receipts, can often be overlooked compared to the industry’s main commercial and creative objectives but can have a significant impact on your finances.

Currency UK offers a wide variety of benefits if your business is affected by FX.


Personalised and unparalleled insight required to manage multiple currencies and maintain profits in volatile currency markets.

An online system which allows you to easily facilitate international payments for business transactions in addition to personal requirements e.g. buying or selling property abroad.

Many banks charge a percentage or an extortionate flat fee for foreign transfers. We can save you up to 4% compared to bank rates.

Access to our experienced view on the challenges and importance of FX through events, webinars and digital campaigns exclusively designed for AOP members.


Currency UK works with clients all over the world to give them the best value for their money, minimise their exposure to exchange rate fluctuations and make their international payments process quick, secure and easy.

  • Multi-currency payments

  • Same-day payments

  • Spot and forward contracts

  • Rate alerts

  • Treasury management

  • Online trading platform to trade 24/7

Setting up a Currency UK foreign exchange trading facility gives you a secure and flexible way to mitigate payment costs and unfavourable fx rates.

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