What we do

Foreign exchange and international payments. That’s it. No, really.

What we say is what you get. As a commercial currency broker Currency UK will help you to get the best currency transfer rates when making or receiving overseas payments, regardless of whether you are a business or an individual.

About Us

More than 10,000 Currency UK customers, from individuals to global corporations, have experienced the exceptional personal service and competitive rates we deliver.

Currency UK opened its doors in 2000, initially catering for private clients looking for a better alternative to their banks’ exchange rate. We soon expanded our services to corporate clients as well.

Our longtime presence in the industry has given us a wealth of knowledge and expertise, let alone stability, that sets us apart from our competitors.

You'll see that experience reflected in our reviews: TrustPilot.

Setting up a Currency UK foreign exchange trading facility gives you a secure and flexible way to mitigate payment costs and unfavourable fx rates.

When you are exporting, importing, or shifting profits you need to know your funds are safe and the people you're dealing with are professional and knowledgeable.

With Currency UK this is all just a click or phone call away. And when you call Currency UK, the phone will be answered swiftly without queues by a well-trained and knowledgeable currency expert.

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We have transferred more than 2 Billion Pounds worth of funds around the world on behalf of 10,000+ customers.

Why do people use us? Because we understand how important those big transactions in life are – buying your retirement home or bringing home an expatriate salary. We're here to help.

Moreover, the High Street banks are rarely the most cost-effective way to make an overseas payment. Currency UK is in the markets every day, tracking down the best rates for you for the most popular currencies like the Euro and US Dollar.

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Our team at Currency UK aspire to a set of core principles which define and distinguish our business from others.


Customer Commitment

  • Being pragmatic and flexible in developing solutions.
  • Constantly exceeding customer service expectations.
  • No barriers to availability of our expert knowledge.
  • Maintaining timely and informed customer communication.
  • Taking ownership of issues, from receipt to conclusion.
  • Performing in a manner that supports our clients.
  • Tailored in our approach to achieve superior results.
  • Behaving in a highly professional manner in all situations.

Developing Genuinely Engaging Relationships

  • Actively listening, being patient and empathetic.
  • Seeking to improve and enhance relationships.
  • Approachable and friendly.
  • Maintain a sense of humour.

Leadership with Integrity

  • Providing learning support to fill knowledge gaps.
  • Always performing at our best.
  • Performing in a manner that supports our colleagues and maintaining the Investors in People Standard
  • Acting to extend our loyal customer history at all times.
  • Maintaining a high level of accuracy, attention to detail and respect.
  • Showing innovation in constantly improving our role function.
  • Respecting our market and industry.

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